Málaga, Spain, June 2022. Two bigs of security are joining forces.

SMARTFENSE has launched a bug bounty program to identify and remediate bugs and security vulnerabilities in its software with the help of Epic Bounties, whose platform is hosting the program.

Through this program, identifying vulnerabilities can be done at a faster rate by the most skilled hackers and security researchers in the world while guaranteeing the overall security of SMARTFENSE’s assets and products reducing security risks.

Epic Bounties is the fastest-growing Bug Bounty Platform that helps companies detect cybersecurity vulnerabilities in their attack surface: web apps, mobile apps, APIs, desktop apps, among other assets.

SMARTFENSE is a information security training and awareness platform that develops safe habits in end users. The platform allows the integration of simulated Phishing and Ransomware campaigns that measures the users’ education level and the effectiveness of its training programs.

“Thanks to Epic Bounties we are able to fully integrate a Bug Bounty program into our security strategy and our overall security as a company” said Mauro Sánchez SMARTFENSE’S CTO.

If you want to find out more about SMARTFENSE, please visit their official website