Málaga, Spain, May 2022. Epic Bounties is the bug bounty platform chosen by Ironchip.

Ironchip, the new location based digital identity, has launched a bug bounty program to supplement its own internal vulnerability management strategy boosting efforts to quickly identify and remediate bugs and security vulnerabilities in its software. Ironchip is partnering with Epic Bounties, the industry’s fastest growing security platform, to host the program.

Working with Epic Bounties, Ironchip will be able to tap the expertise of the most uniquely-skilled hackers and security researchers in the world. Participants in the program will be eligible for a cash reward “bounty,” depending on the level of security risk they find and report.

Epic Bounties started operations in august 2021 and is now the fastest-growing Bug Bounty Platform that helps companies detect cybersecurity vulnerabilities in their attack surface: web apps, mobile apps, APIs, desktop apps, among other assets. The best bug bounty community gathers in their platform to work on programs under a reward system.

Based in Bilbao, Spain, Ironchip is a company specialized in cybersecurity that has developed a secure location technology that is unique in the world. This disruptive technology provides a new approach to active and passive defense against the imminent rise of cyber-attacks.

If you want to find out more about Ironchip, please visit their official **website