Málaga, Spain, Febrary 2023. Epic Bounties recognition as the best project.

Entrepreneurship is the order of the day and there are many people creating startups, that is, newborn companies or young people looking for their chance in a world where competition is fierce. You have to have a good idea, which is likely to generate business and attract investors so that they can drive its growth.

In this context of startups, incubators and investors is the Investment Forum for startups Keiretsu Forum Andalucía, jointly managed by BIC Euronova and Byevolution Creative Factory. Nine startups were selected and their owners explained their project and business model to 150 investors with a view to attracting investment. Epic Bounties from Malaga was awarded best startup: “a crowdsourcing applied to the search for cybersecurity vulnerabilities in order to strengthen and deepen the computer security of entities and overcome the limitations of traditional cybersecurity consultancies”, according to BIC Euronova.

Being the selected company in this type of meetings is always a plus and means a high dose of confidence for the promoters of the startup. Obtaining financing is key, but so is gaining skills when presenting a project to investors - not everyone knows how to sell their product or service well, even if it may be good - and generating contacts.

Keiretsu Forum is the largest international network of private investors with 53 offices in 27 countries on four continents and this Andalusian forum was attended by Miquel Costa, president and CEO of Keiretsu Forum Spain; Ramón Cano, president of Keiretsu Forum Andalucía and CEO of Byevolution Creative; and Álvaro Simón de Blas, vice president of Keiretsu Forum Andalucía and General Director of BIC Euronova, European Business and Innovation Center of Málaga.

From BIC say that “Kereitsu Forum Andalucía aims to provide entrepreneurs or startups in Andalusia belonging to technology sectors and high growth of a stable and recognized platform for obtaining private funding and provide them with investment opportunities in scalable projects, growth and expansion”. There are resources and interest, now it is time for the ideas to become good businesses.