Today we are celebrating because… A3SEC has joined Epic Bounties as a partner.

A3SEC is a business group that provides professional solutions in the areas of Cybersecurity, device monitoring, business intelligence and Big Data. Today it is present throughout Spain, Mexico and Colombia.

For them, data is their fundamental pillar. With it, they generate an ecosystem of innovative services, with data being the accelerator of their clients’ business.

From the large volume of data presented by their clients, they convert it into relevant information for decision making, at the right time and in the right place.

A3SEC comprises from engineers to consultants with a great track record in the development of new ICT solutions, capable of adapting projects and deployments of professional services in cybersecurity, Big Data, asset monitoring, SIEM, IT threats, proximity marketing, business intelligence and training.


A3SEC provides Cybersecurity services to support its clients in minimising the impact of risks to their data or technological infrastructure. They develop competitive advantages in order to reduce exposure time and attack surface through innovative solutions in investment or expenditure models through its Centre for Digital Security and Surveillance (CSVD).


A3SEC also markets, integrates and deploys the WOCU Monitoring solution. This tool unifies all the useful information, adapting to any initiative carried out by the company, as well as acting as an inventory tool, generating a multitude of customised reports and allowing controlled access to third parties.

Business Intelligence

Finally, A3SEC transforms customer data into knowledge, supported by new technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud to act automatically and develop competitive advantages.