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The opportunity to optimize your cybersecurity with epic bounties.

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Select vulnerabilities in a fully customized way.

How it Works?

1. The companies publish their programs

The assets that companies need to protect will be published from their private platform. from its private platform. The company will have a streamlined process optimised process, which will make it possible to facilitate and delimit the programme according to their needs in a comprehensive manner.

2. The hunters experts will look for vulnerabilities

The programme will be accessible to the expert community best suited to the needs of the programme. best suited to the needs of the programme. The best hunters in each will provide their expertise in the search for vulnerabilities in the asset. asset.

3. It generates an appropriate report for the company

Each time a vulnerability is found, it is reported through the platform in professional the platform as a professional report for verification. The platform itself facilitates this process in order to guarantee the highest quality of the results delivered.

4. The hunter is rewarded for every vulnerability found

If the vulnerability exists and has been validated with the requirements of the the hunter receives the corresponding reward for his work. work. In this way the company only pays for the vulnerabilities found, and the hunter is rewarded according to the success of his appropriate to the success of his participation in the programme.

Our team

José Ramón Palanco


Serial Cybersecurity entrepreneur and Researcher. One of its start ups, Dinoflux, was acquired by Telefónica.

Jaime Restrepo

Chief Strategy Officer

Estrategic, Innovation and Community advisor. Founder of DragonJAR and reference among the hunter community.

Adolfo Coronado

Financial Controller

Responsible for monitoring the company's Business Plan and budgets, as well as coordinating legal aspects of the company.

Juan José Florez

Product Owner

Responsible for the development area of the Epic Bounties project.

Juanita Delgado

Sales Manager

Professional specialised in multinational account management, with experience and passion for working in international and technological environments.

Daniela Mejia

Marketing Manager

Designer with +6 years of experience in the ideation, development and monitoring of communication strategies for B2B and B2C companies.

Valentina Munevar

Strategic Alliances & Partners Manager

Responsible for establishing and maintaining strategic relationships with clients. Participate in the development of objectives, operations, projects and commercial activities of the Company.

Paco Ginel

Advisory Board

20 years at Visa, 2 years as a startup CEO and 17 years at Telefonica is his baggage. Most of those years in Risk Management and IT Security related positions.

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